At Mindsoother, our goal is to support and guide you toward positive change.

You will learn concrete strategies and skills so that you can develop and grow, making deep and meaningful lasting changes.  You will gain the patience and practice to tolerate and accept the things you cannot change. The result is a wonderful balance between transformation and acceptance that creates inner peace, mental stability, and the live you've dreamed of living.

Our team of highly trained professionals are expert in:

  • Eating Disorders – Bulimia, Binge Eating, Emotional Eating, Restrictive Eating and more
  • Teen Issues – stress, anxiety, depression, cutting and self-harm behaviors
  • Mood Disorders – up and down moods, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and more
  • Family Therapy – relationships, communication and boundaries
  • DBT – Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills for emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance and mindfulness
  • Individuals - Addictive behaviors, anxiety, depression, relationships and more
  • Groups - Skill-building and psychotherapy for teens and adults

Mindsoother offers evening and weekend appointments for your convenience.

If you or a loved one are experiencing any of the above concerns, or would like a free phone consultation with a licensed therapist, call us today at (973) 220-1885 or send us an email now.

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With our help, you'll learn concrete strategies and skills to help you identify, and change the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are keeping you stuck. 

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We offer therapeutic services in a highly ethical and confidential manner, that promote the emotional and relational well-being of the clients we serve. 

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From tips to keep your mind healthy to meditation exercises, our blog will give you a variety of skills to live an exceptional life.

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