Our group therapy program is unique in that we encourage our clients to continue working with their outside therapists when enrolled in our groups.  We will collaborate weekly with your therapist to create a cohesive Treatment Team that focuses on comprehensive, high-quality care.

In group therapy, clients gain support and understanding from others with similar experiences. It also offers the opportunity to learn to express and tolerate difficult emotions in a safe and nurturing environment.  Group therapy is particularly helpful for teens who feel isolated or alone.

Psychotherapy and Process Group for High School Girls.  This group offers adolescent girls the opportunity to share their experiences and receive and offer feedback in a supportive environment led by a licensed therapist.  This group is excellent for someone who would like to practice social interaction and/or feel a sense of community while also receiving support and helpful tools.A psycho-social intake appointment is required before joining this group.

If you are interested in more information, please call (973) 220-1885 or email us.