OUR GOAL at Mindsoother is for your child to become a more effective and efficient student - a successful student. We also want to reduce the stress that you or/and your child might be feeling as a result of these academic challenges. We will work from a strength-based, interest based, solution oriented, and family system perspective.

We will teach your child how to learn by developing these EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING skills:

  • Organizational skills

  • Time management skills

  • Memorization strategies

  • Study skills

  • Test taking strategies

  • Note taking skills

  • Effective use of classroom time

Our academic success coaching…

  • Provides one-on-one academic support, in all ways necessary, so that your child can achieve their short term goals in light of their long term goals.

  • Provides emotional support for your student

  • Offers communication with your child in between appointments to follow up with weekly progress (did you finish the assignment; how did you do on that test; how is that group work going?)

  • Communicates with your child’s teachers or other staff members on your child’s behalf

  • Helps you discuss and agree upon what is to be accomplished for each and every session

  • Works with the teachers’ and course goals in mind

Can you do this on your own? Of course! However, academic success coaching will help you:

  • Feel emotionally supported

  • Get the guidance that you need in working with schools

  • Prepare for meetings so that the goals of the meetings are reached

  • Receive continuous feedback and responses to any questions, comments or concerns

  • Feel hopeful and on track towards your child’s goals