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Eating Disorder vs. Disordered Eating: How to Tell the Difference

Do you have a difficult or out-of-control relationship with food? You may potentially have an eating disorder, or it could be disordered eating. It’s often difficult for people to determine if or when their disordered eating habits develop into an eating disorder. Many wonder, “How do I know it’s really a problem?” Disordered eating habits are fairly common. Perhaps you eat when you are bored or upset (you may not actually be hungry at the time), or you eat the same thing for breakfast each morning. Disordered eating behaviors can be precursors to more alarming behaviors that fall into the “eating disorder” realm. However, you can engage in disordered eating without having a more serious eating disorder. Read more about some key differences between the two...

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4 Tips for Mindful Eating on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday seasons. It’s the time of year for great food, good times with family, and celebration. However, many people struggle with eating mindfully on Thanksgiving. It can be so easy to get tempted by the abundance of delicious food and overeat. Instead of regretting your decisions at the Thanksgiving table, follow these tips to keep yourself in check and be more mindful during this year's meal…

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Understanding Why You Eat What You Eat

Food is all around you. You eat for enjoyment, when you are hungry, when you are bored, celebrating, sad; and the list goes on. Sometimes it is difficult to know WHY you are being pulled toward a particular food in a particular moment and end up eating “just because." Identifying the kind of hunger you are experiencing is an effective way to gauge your emotional versus physical hunger. Many times it can feel the same. Here are the 7 types of hunger, and some tips on how to stop an emotional eating episode before it starts...

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How to Overcome Emotional Eating in the New Year

Eating is an essential part of our day. We can develop complex relationships with food because food plays such an integral role in our health and livelihood. Many people struggle with overeating or possibly emotional eating; they may eat mindlessly, or feel that they must finish their plate. Here are some tips to better understand emotional eating habits, and how to make some healthy, and hopefully lasting changes for 2018.

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How to Eat Mindfully this Thanksgiving

The holidays are just around the corner! They’re the time for great food, good times with family, celebration, and perhaps some stress as well. One thing that many people struggle with during this time of year is eating mindfully on Thanksgiving. With the abundance of delicious food at your family gather, it can be easy to overindulge and overeat. Here are some tips to help you keep yourself in check and be more mindful during this year's holiday meal...

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4 Sweet and Healthy End-of-Summer Snacks
Mindful Eating in Four Easy Steps

Do you find yourself mindlessly eating; that is, eating food without actually tasting it, eating on the go, putting anything in your mouth that you think will satisfy you in that moment without thinking about the consequences?  If so, these four simple steps can help you learn and practice mindful eating....

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