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Helping Your Teen Through Depression

With the demands and expectation of getting good grades in school and maintaining a social life, teens may start to feel overwhelmed. Depression can result from untreated and chronic feelings of overwhelm, confusion and/or hopelessness. it is crucial to understand a teen’s depression and to have a set of concrete action steps.  Here are 3 Tips for Helping your Teen through Depression…..

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Friendships through Social Media: The New Reality

Kids today have increased access to relationships outside of people they encounter in their neighborhood, sports team or school. So how do we accept today’s reality regarding social media and friendships while also keeping our kids safe and ourselves sane? It’s tricky to navigate - continue reading for a few helpful suggestions...

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Smiling is essential to a sense of well-being and happiness! Research shows that a smile can communicate JOY to your brain. How does it work?  Your brain communicates with your cranial muscles to produce your smile.  When the smiling muscles in your face contract, a message gets sent to your brain that you are happy...

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