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Managing Family Expectations this Holiday Season

Can you believe that the holiday season has already started? The holidays are a time for family, spirituality, personal reflection, gift-giving, travel, food, and so much more. It’s a wonderful time of year, but it’s also a stressful one. We envision an idealistic family gathering or holiday party, even though we know that this is not realistic. Many of us put too much pressure on ourselves to have the perfect holiday experience. While the “perfect” holiday may not exist, you can use the following strategies to make the most of this holiday season…

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What to Expect during your First Therapy Session

It can be scary and overwhelming to figure out how to start seeing a therapist and book your first therapy session. Seeing a therapist should be an experience that brings you comfort; it should give you a safe space to disclose your thoughts and emotions. Once you find a therapist of your choice, you may be offered a consultation call to ensure it’s the right fit for you. Here’s an idea of what to expect during your first therapy session.

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