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Volunteering as a Family

Volunteering is a gift to yourself, to your family, and to others. It’s a great way to engage with your community and practice your mindfulness skills. It’s also quite a fulfilling experience for everyone, no matter your age or background. Have you ever considered volunteering as a family activity? It may not be your typical weekend or summer activity, but it can be a fun and rewarding experience for the entire family. What are the benefits of volunteering as a family? Let’s find out…

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4 Tips to Prevent Holiday Stress

The holiday season can be merry for many people, but it can also be very stressful. All of the plans to make, gifts to give, and growing to-do list items can make life seem overwhelming! Or maybe this season reminds you of unpleasant memories from the past. Here are some helpful tips to reduce your holiday stress...

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Tips to Transition your Student Home for Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break often marks the first time that college students return home since the beginning of the fall semester; this can often be an anxiety-provoking and emotional experience for parents. Often, conflicts may occur when expectations collide and there is minimal communication about plans for the long weekend. Here are some tips to help make the Thanksgiving break a stress-free and enjoyable experience for everyone...

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Fun Summer Activities for the Whole Family

It’s summer! The kids are out of school, which means that they have lots of free time. Many parents struggle to find things to do that are both cost effective and fun. Here are some exciting ideas for you and your family to try this summer...

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How to Communicate Effectively with Your Teen

As a parent, you may have experienced some challenges with communicating with your teen(s). Maybe you argue about social media usage, academic performance in school or the lack of quality time he or she spends with you.

Avoid discord and disconnection with your child by using one or all of these tips....

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4 Easy Responses for When your Child says, "I'm Bored!"

Any parent that has a child who can speak has heard the familiar phrase, "i'm bored!"  The first thing a parent might think is "I wish I had time to be bored!" and an easy response could be, "go play."  Then you might get a dreaded retort such as, "there's nothing to play" or "I played everything already."  This scenario is frustrating for sure.  What is a parent to do when faced with these words?

Read on to learn four easy responses...

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4 Simple Steps to Manage Technology Use in Your Home

Overwhelmed by trying to control technology usage in your family? Instead of implementing rules, it may be beneficial to establish “best practice” boundaries around technology use.

Read on for some simple tips to help you manage technology in your home… 

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