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How to Overcome Emotional Eating in the New Year

Eating is an essential part of our day. We can develop complex relationships with food because food plays such an integral role in our health and livelihood. Many people struggle with overeating or possibly emotional eating; they may eat mindlessly, or feel that they must finish their plate. Here are some tips to better understand emotional eating habits, and how to make some healthy, and hopefully lasting changes for 2018.

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One Easy Way to Curb Emotional Eating

Eating is an essential part of our day. We eat for energy, nourishment, enjoyment, and literally can not survive without it. Many people struggle with overeating, whether it is due to eating mindlessly, or feeling they can not leave any food left on their plate. Some of these people fall into a category of emotional eating. Read on to learn about one easy way to curb your emotional eating......

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