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How to Manage Anxiety

We face stressful situations on a daily basis. Starting a new school year, flying on an airplane, taking a test, maneuvering through rush hour traffic, and meeting tight office deadlines are all anxiety-provoking. Anxiety is a typical emotion that we all feel—in fact, it’s healthy in doses. However, if you regularly feel anxious and anxiety starts to prevent you from your daily activities, it may be a sign of something more serious like an anxiety disorder. How can you recognize symptoms of anxiety and better manage it? Here are some helpful tips…

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The Signs of School-Related Anxiety in Teens

School is a main source of anxiety and stress in a teen’s daily life. Homework, tests, and social demands can make teens feel anxious and at times, overwhelmed. Parents often overlook lesser-known signs of school related anxiety, either because they are looking for the more “well known” symptoms, or because a parent mistakenly attributes it to another problem that may be present. It’s important to recognize this kind of anxiety in order to help your teen cope with it. Here are some lesser-known symptoms of school-related anxiety in teenagers that you should be aware of…

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Tips to Ease Anxiety at Night

Do you ever get into bed after a long day, 20-30 minutes pass by, and you are still wide awake? Maybe you’re replaying conversations from the day, thinking about your to do list for tomorrow, perhaps even worrying about the rest of your week and what needs to get done. You get up and turn on the TV. Or start scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed on your phone, hoping your eyes will get tired. Still feeling like you can't slow your thoughts down, no matter what you do? Here are some strategies to help you wind down at night…

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3 Simple Tips to Ease Anxiety at Night
Using your Breath to Reduce Anxiety

By shifting our breathing pattern, we can have a profound effect on our body's parasympathetic nervous system - the center of our nervous system that's responsible for slowing our heart rates and creating a calming response.

Here are three breathing techniques that can ease your anxiety and produce calm...

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