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How to Motivate Your Teen to Get Things Done

It’s almost winter break—a time to relax, celebrate with family, and take a break from the busy routine. However, there’s still so much to do before the holidays arrive! It can be difficult to get your teen to be productive when all he or she can do is count down until the week off from school. Arguing or nagging your teen isn’t always effective. Instead, try using these helpful tips to motivate your teen to get things done…

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Doing Homework Mindfully

Working on homework can be stressful, overwhelming, or just annoying for both students and their parents. It’s the time of day that everyone wishes they could skip over to avoid the drama. Now, imagine if you could feel calm, confident, and even enjoy doing homework! Well, it is possible. By adding some mindfulness to your homework routine, you and your child may dread homework a little less. We encourage you to share these helpful homework tips with your child or teen. He or she should follow these steps before doing homework, to approach tasks with ease:

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