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How to IMPROVE the Moment

Let’s face it—life is full of curveballs. Things may be going smoothly one minute, and the next, something turns your day upside down. There’s a mix of good and bad surprises every day. How do you deal with daily challenges? Generally, people act impulsively—meaning that they put their emotions before their logic when they face unexpected and overwhelming situations. But sometimes, this is not the best option. Do you need a better way to keep your cool during surprising or frustrating circumstances? A dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skill called IMPROVE the Moment can help you manage difficult emotions during stressful situations. By reducing the intensity of emotion, you can feel more in-control when life throws you a curveball. Here’s how it works…

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Manage Your Emotions in a Crisis with TIPP

Have you ever felt an emotion so intensely that you thought you would never feel better, and that you were almost “out of control”? It can be helpful to use the DBT skill of TIPP when we are so emotionally dysregulated that we cannot think clearly and physically cannot access any other skills in that moment. TIPP alters our body chemistry to quickly reduce emotional suffering—from a 10 out of 10 to a 7 or 8. Then we are able to think more clearly and rationally; we can apply other skills to reduce our emotions even further. Here’s how TIPP works…

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