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Eight Summer Songs to Cheer You Up

Summer is the time of year to get outdoors and enjoy some well-deserved downtime.  Sometimes, the free time and changing family schedule can make you feel depressed.  If you feel down or bored this summer, try listening to Buzzfeed’s playlist of uplifting songs from over the years.  Here are some suggestions...

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Seven Ways to Cultivate Gratitude

Some definitions of gratitude are "a feeling of appreciation or thanks" or "the quality of being thankful."  Human beings were originally created to survive, with a built-in fight or flight response, therefore we aren't hard-wired to be grateful.  Studies show that practicing gratitude can have a very positive effect on our health, happiness and social lives.  Here are seven simple ways to cultivate gratitude in your life today...

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Is Your Thinking Causing Your Negative Results?

A self-fulfilling prophecy = a prediction bound to become true as a result of behavior caused by its being expressed.  Read on to see if your thinking could be causing your own negative outcomes....

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