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Tips for a Better Morning Routine

No one likes starting his or her family’s day on the wrong foot. After a morning gone terribly wrong, all parents will feel a pang of guilt over leaving their child upset at school or day care. It’s understandably difficult when nobody in your house is a morning person and there’s never enough time to prepare ahead the night before. Are you tired of your stress level going through the roof? There are ways to make the morning routine more manageable—and maybe even stress-free. Here are some tips to make mornings smoother for the entire family…

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How to Successfully Navigate Life’s Transitions

Change is not easy, but it is possible to get through it successfully. Maybe you are moving to a new town, going to college, getting settled at a new job, or are taking a break from school or work. You’re probably nervous about this new venture and are experiencing some doubt, anxiety, or instability. Don’t worry—it’s completely normal to feel this way. Use some of the tips below to help you get through this period in your life…

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Using Consistency to be a Calmer Parent

Parenting is not an easy task. It may be tough to reinforce rules that your children will actually follow, or to get your kids from one activity to the next. You might be wondering, how can I make changes in the household that my family will live by?  Instead of struggling to enforce the routine, try using consistency and the CARES parenting skill...

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