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Helping your Child Overcome School Refusal

For some parents, getting your children to school can be a major struggle. If your child often throws a tantrum or has a meltdown before school, it is possible that he or she has school avoidance, or school refusal. It is more than nagging your kid to get ready for the day; school refusal is a serious emotional problem that is very distressing for both children and parents. School refusal can be attributed to stress inducing situations like bullying, peer pressure, or academic concerns, unhealthy attachments to the parents, or underlying mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression. Therefore, it’s important to begin to understand your child’s school refusal and help him or her overcome it. If your son or daughter is struggling to get to school, or you are starting to see some unhealthy patterns developing, here are some helpful suggestions…

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Overcoming School Phobia

Has getting your kids to school in the morning become a constant battle? Do they refuse to go to school, or do their absolute best to avoid it? Are you at a loss for how to address this problem? Don't worry—you're not alone. Many parents face a similar struggle, to varying extents. Some children don't like getting up early, while others are dealing with school phobia. You may be wondering, what is school phobia? Let’s explore what school phobia entails and how you can help your child overcome his or her anxieties…

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