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The Signs of School-Related Anxiety in Teens

School is a main source of anxiety and stress in a teen’s daily life. Homework, tests, and social demands can make teens feel anxious and at times, overwhelmed. Parents often overlook lesser-known signs of school related anxiety, either because they are looking for the more “well known” symptoms, or because a parent mistakenly attributes it to another problem that may be present. It’s important to recognize this kind of anxiety in order to help your teen cope with it. Here are some lesser-known symptoms of school-related anxiety in teenagers that you should be aware of…

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Tips for a Successful School Year

Now that school is in full swing, does your teenager find it hard to keep his or her motivation up and stress levels low? It can be difficult when teens are managing tougher homework this year, extracurriculars starting up again, and trying to adjust back to a school time routine. Parents: do you wish you could give your son or daughter that boost that he or she needs to get on the right track? We’ve compiled a list of things for teens to think about when it comes to success in school. Share these tips with your teen to help him or her have a successful school year…

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How to Reduce School-Related Stress

Everyone deals with stress. In small amounts, stress is actually beneficial. It motivates us to accomplish tasks and challenge ourselves. For kids, teenagers, and young adults, a main source of stress is school. Homework, tests, and navigating class schedules and friendships can be challenging. However, the pressure should not be overwhelming. If you find that your child is struggling with school-related stress, consider these tips…

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