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Using PLEASE Master Skills to Maintain Emotional Control

When people neglect their self care, they may become more emotionally vulnerable—meaning that more often, they get overwhelmed by negative emotions, engage in negative coping skills, and lash out at others impulsively. PLEASE Mastery is a practical skill that helps reduce emotional vulnerability. It enables people to better regulate their emotions and make positive choices. If you work on leading a balanced lifestyle, you are more likely to maintain emotional control during times of stress! This is how PLEASE Mastery Skills work:

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Four No-Cost Ways for Busy Moms to De-Stress

Do you ever feel like no matter how much you do during the day, it still isn't enough? Life can be stressful, especially when you have kids. Whether you are a mom to a colicky newborn, or a mom of three, it's easy to let stress build up and feel like you have little time to yourself.

Here are 4 easy ways for busy moms to de-stress - and it won't cost a thing!:

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3 Ways to Distinguish Unhealthy vs. Healthy Teen Behavior 

It is sometimes difficult to distinguish normal adolescent mood shifts, reactions or rebellion from verifiable symptoms of depression, as they often mimic each other.

Read on for three quick ways to tell the difference...

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Three Ways to Get to Know Yourself Better

Journaling is a great way to record what is going on in your life, as well as help you process your thoughts. It can also be very therapeutic, and can help you get to know yourself better. Writing your thoughts in a journal can provide you with insight into your own thoughts; perhaps even ones you did not know existed! Here are three ways you can use journaling to get to know yourself better....

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Six Quick Tips for Managing “News Anxiety”

In our current political environment, many people are noticing that they are experiencing anxiety or more intense symptoms of anxiety, depression and anger. Is there a way to stay connected to current events, while protecting yourself from news overload and continue to practice self care? Read on for six tips to help you cope with “news anxiety”...

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