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Three Tips to Calm Your Mental Clutter

Did you know that the average person has between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day? Imagine if we each believed every thought we had. We would swing from one thought to the next every two seconds, and attempt to determine our states of being and potential action steps over 50,000 times a day. Sounds crazy, right? There’s a reason why Buddha called this “monkey mind”! Buddhists believe that if we tame the “drunken monkeys” or racing thoughts in our mind, we will achieve more inner peace. Here are 3 simple ways to calm your overactive (monkey) mind:

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Adding a Dose of Mindfulness to Your Life

Mindfulness is living in the moment and focusing on your current experience. Although it seems like a trend or buzzword, mindfulness is evidence-based and has been studied to reduce negative physical and mental symptoms as well as improve overall well-being.  Here are some tips and tools for integrating mindfulness into your routine....

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Three Action Steps to Help You Achieve Your Goals

We all have been overwhelmed from time to time by the amount of items on our "to-do" lists or by what we perceive as responsibilities that feel like mountains to climb.  Often, we don't complete tasks or meet goals when we feel discouraged or defeated, or generally weary.  

Read on for 3 action steps to help you achieve your goals...

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Four Ways to Improve Your Clarity of Mind

Achieving “clarity of mind” is the act of clearing your head of the clutter that comes with extraneous or uncontrolled thoughts or mental "noise". When you are operating from a place of clarity, it allows you to see things more clearly, be open to new ideas, and to thoughtfully organize your reactions and responses...

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Staying Peaceful in Times of Chaos

In this time of emotional upheaval and turmoil, it is important to remember that we can affect the outcome of our personal experiences by choosing to practice peace over stress.  The tools are within us.  Here are four helpful tips for staying peaceful in times of chaos...

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