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How to Enjoy a “Brief Vacation”
Fun Summer Activities for the Whole Family

It’s summer! The kids are out of school, which means that they have lots of free time. Many parents struggle to find things to do that are both cost effective and fun. Here are some exciting ideas for you and your family to try this summer...

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Eight Summer Songs to Cheer You Up

Summer is the time of year to get outdoors and enjoy some well-deserved downtime.  Sometimes, the free time and changing family schedule can make you feel depressed.  If you feel down or bored this summer, try listening to Buzzfeed’s playlist of uplifting songs from over the years.  Here are some suggestions...

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Advice for Parents Sending their Kids Off to Sleepaway Camp for the First Time

It’s the end of June, and the day that you send your child to sleepaway camp for the first time is quickly approaching.  It’s completely normal for any parent to be anxious about the experience. Read our latest blog post for quick tips on how to ease this transition....

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