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The Importance of Mobile Manners

It goes without saying—manners are very important. Every day, we try to instill proper manners into our children, so that they will be polite to others. Yet kids and teens often think that because they are writing from behind a screen, they have the power to say things that they would never say in person. They may be ruder or meaner online, simply because they are not talking to someone else face-to-face. It’s crucial to remind your children that having a phone or tablet is not an excuse to forget about manners. Here are some great ways to enforce mobile manners…

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4 Tips for Monitoring your Teen’s Online Life

Today, teens are constantly on their phones.  They text friends, post to Snapchat, like each other’s Instagram posts, and scroll through their Facebook feeds.  It’s like their phones are attached to them—they simply cannot disconnect!  It’s hard for parents to keep up with their app profiles and online activity when there are so many apps that they use to connect to their peers and friends.  Parents want to make sure their teens are safe online, but it’s difficult to stay updated with the latest online trends.  Here are some tips to help you monitor your teen’s digital life.

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4 Simple Steps to Manage Technology Use in Your Home

Overwhelmed by trying to control technology usage in your family? Instead of implementing rules, it may be beneficial to establish “best practice” boundaries around technology use.

Read on for some simple tips to help you manage technology in your home… 

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4 Tips for Creating Healthy Relationships On and Off Social Media

From Instagram "likes" and Snapchat filters to Facebook "friending",  social media has become part of  teens' everyday lives. Social media and technology have become a mainstay in how teens connect with each other, with family and with the world at large. Read on for tips about healthy peer relationships and social media.....

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