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What to Expect in your First Therapy Session

Starting therapy for the first time can be nerve-racking for anyone. It’s a new experience that may push you outside of your comfort zone. At the same time, it’s a proven way to help you learn more about yourself and grow. First, be proud of yourself for having the courage to make yourself an appointment. Next, read about how people feel about therapy, and what typically occurs during a first appointment from the therapists at Mindsoother. We’re here to reassure you that you can take the first step towards self-improvement…

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Myths about the Therapy Couch

Picture a typical therapy session in your mind. It’s likely that you’re thinking of the client laying on a couch, sharing their deepest concerns and secrets with a therapist who’s taking furious notes. Here’s the thing—therapy is nothing like this. In fact, it’s a major misconception about therapy. If you’ve never tried therapy before, your knowledge about therapy is likely based on what you hear from friends or loved ones, or what you see on TV. Read more inside information from the therapists themselves, as they disprove myths about the therapy couch…

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