DBT Skills Group for Parents:

This eight-week Intensive offers parents of children ages 5 and up a selection of very usable coping and parent management strategies.  Open to one or both parents.  Your child does not have to be in therapy in order to attend.  

The group offers strategies and skills in the following areas:

Mindfulness - "focused awareness in the present moment, on purpose and non-judgmentally."  Often it is our lack of attention to what we are thinking or feeling in a given moment that leads to over-reaction, under-reaction or avoiding the problem altogether (the classic fight, flight or freeze response).  Parenting is a difficult job in and of itself and so lack of mindfulness can lead to exacerbation or prolonging of issues.  Many people tend to shy away from taking on issues because of their beliefs about them - "it will be too hard for me to deal with" or "I don't have time to take that on" or "my spouse won't back me up anyway so I might as well ignore it too."  Understanding your beliefs about your parenting expectations and norms will help increase your mindfulness.  Skills will be taught and practiced in the room and at home.

Distress Tolerance - Crisis Survival Skills.  This module offers concrete strategies in order to manage tense or difficult situations.  Skills such as how to how to "IMPROVE a moment" and how to effectively distract yourself when very hot emotionally will be taught.  Each parent will learn how to prepare a Distress Tolerance Card in order to increase ready access to positive skills for use in a difficult moment.

Interpersonal Effectiveness - how to effectively Ask for What You Want, Say No, Keep Your Relationships while also getting what you want, and Keeping your Self-Respect will be taught and practiced.  Particular attention will be paid to effectiveness in communication - between parents and between parent and child.  This skill will be practiced within the group and at home.

Emotion Regulation - how to understand and manage your emotions.  This section will teach the Model of Emotions - the way in which emotions effect and are affected by our other mental processes and by the people around you.  Particular attention will be paid to keeping your emotional temperature within the "cool" range so that you can parent effectively.  Concrete strategies in order to do so will be taught and practiced.

 Please call or email for information about this group and to see if it would be a good fit for you.