DBT is short for Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  DBT Skills are effective because they are concrete tools and strategies that any person can learn to utilize.  At Mindsoother, we offer DBT Skills Training in a variety of formats such as:

Individual DBT Skills Training

Group DBT Skills Training

Family DBT Skills Training

DBT is effective because clients who are engaged in this type of therapy typically have multiple problems that require attention plus a lack of skill in at least several of these problem areas. In DBT, the therapist uses a hierarchy of treatment targets to determine the order in which problems should be addressed. 

Over the years, we have observed an increased in skill acceptance and use plus a decrease in the symptoms of our clients who add some sort of DBT Skills to their repertoire.  The skills are effective in helping people feel like there are more options in emotional situations and that they can be successful in understanding which skill would work for a situation and how to use it.

Clients that have attended our DBT Skills Training Groups or sessions report that the clear and concrete nature of this work has been extremely helpful in reducing tension, chaos and discord in their families, plus has offered them strategies that they actually use - not just learn in the office and leave at the door.

Come learn the skills that you definitely didn't learn in school and might not have been taught in your family or experienced throughout your life as of yet.  Our DBT Skills training curriculum for individuals and families is customized to meet your individual needs.

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