3 Simple Mental Health Boosters for the New Year

At the end of each year, many people like to reflect on accomplishments and potential improvements for next year. Whether you call them goals or intentions, here are 3 tips that can benefit your mental health for the start of a new year:

  1. Take better care of yourself physically. Getting enough sleep, exercise, nourishing yourself with the right foods and ensuring you are scheduling regular medical check ups (dental cleanings, yearly physical) are important ways to stay emotionally healthy. When your physical health begins to suffer, so does your emotional health. Staying on top of these things are critical elements in self care
  2. Do something you love for 30 minutes every day. Whether it is reading, going for a walk, listening to your favorite pod cast, or meditating, allow yourself 30 minutes every day to do it. Engaging in an activity that you love will improve your mood and can contribute to your overall well-being, in addition to allowing you a built-in break and a chance for fun or relaxation.
  3. Set healthy boundaries with others. Sometimes we give other people too much power in our lives. Letting our family members, significant other, children or boss control our actions may come across as being kind or agreeable, but it is not always healthy. Define your limits with those around you, and do so directly, without anger.

These are just a few healthy tips to instill for the new year, or even right now. It's never too soon to take charge of your emotional and physical well-being!

Best wishes for a happy (and improved) new year!