Is your family experiencing conflict, tension, and/or heightened emotions?  Are you feeling overwhelmed, sad or hopeless about the state of your family?  Do you need an experienced professional to help mediate and guide?  Family therapy can help!

Many family members come together to evaluate and address issues with the guidance of a seasoned, impartial professional. Family therapy helps clients enhance their listening and communication skills, which improves empathy, compassion, and the overall tone and vibe in the family system. Family therapy also strives to have clients share concerns in a safe and nurturing environment that facilitates effective problem-solving and change.

Most of our clients come into family therapy hesitant or even scared about the experience.  That is to be expected!  Family therapy might be a new experience and/or you might be unsure about how to handle yourself or how to manage or react to what someone in your family might say.

Often, we find that there is confusion in the family system as to rules, boundaries, rewards and consequences. Families unknowingly get caught in cycles of crossing boundaries, inappropriate behaviors and missed expectations, especially when there is no healthy family hierarchy.

Here is an example of how a healthy family system looks:

HEALTHY family hierarchy.png

If you find that you and your partner or spouse are not on the same page, there will be an automatic rift in the system - and this rift is likely to impact the hierarchy.

Children and teens NEED to understand the appropriate boundaries of their family system so that they can test them in healthy ways. This fosters independence and mastery. When the boundaries are loose or unclear, it might create a feeling of uncertainty, danger or chaos for the child. This then might lead to inappropriate testing of boundaries with reactivity from parents. And then the cycle continues.

We are seasoned professionals who are trained in family systems therapy and can help:

  • create a HEALTHY hierarchy that works for your family and that you can maintain.

  • you identify what you are feeling and to express it clearly and appropriately, without threats or screams.  

  • your family members listen and act respectfully.  

  • you create a calm yet expressive family atmosphere where people in your family are respected and heard.

According to the American Psychological Association, family therapy enhances treatment for child mental health issues.

We offer both short-term and long-term family therapy designed to help clients manage crises and/or revolutionize their family system.

Couples Counseling:

Are you tired of feeling alone in your relationship? Do you wonder if there’s a future? Do you need help communicating and listening to your partner? Even brief couples therapy can help!

Often couples in distress feel that there’s no way to improve their troubled relationship. However, effective couples counseling can help by:

  • Changing views in the relationship

  • Modifying dysfunctional behavior

  • Decreasing emotional avoidance

  • Improving communication

  • Promoting strength and resilience

We offer couples counseling in a confidential and safe environment where both members of the couple get to share their feelings and be heard. Clients in effective couples counseling report that it helps them understand their partner as well as their own reactions in a way that promotes lasting change.