Does this sound like you (or your loved one?)

  • You feel out-of-control with food?

  • You are miserable or your mood is dependent on how much or what you are eating?

  • You hate your body or make self-deprecating comments?

  • You see yourself as “fat,” “ugly,” “stupid,” or “unworthy”?

  • You think about food or not eating food for much of the day?

  • You find yourself eating even if you are not hungry?

  • You use food to soothe, numb or distract yourself?

  • You’ve lost weight in the past and have been happy with yourself but you just can’t stop the yo-yo now?

  • You glamorize being thin – it’s your ultimate goal in life?

  • You are ashamed and secretive?

  • You use behaviors to regulate your food intake such as self-induced vomiting or over-exercising?

  • You are torn between getting “better” and giving up the behavior because it has been a reliable “friend”?

Or perhaps this sounds more familiar:

  • You restrict your food intake, count calories and/or skip meals

  • You value thinness and body size over health

  • You compare yourself to others and measure your self-worth against how you perceive them

  • You are terrified to eat what you term “bad” foods because you believe they will make you gain weight

  • You are constantly calculating, planning what to avoid or obsessed with food or your body size

  • You feel overwhelmed and you don’t know where to start to get hel

Our clinicians bring a breadth of skill and compassion as well as an individualized treatment program designed to meet each client’s unique needs.  WE ARE EATING DISORDERS SPECIALISTS AND EXPERTS!

We can help you (or your loved one):

  • Understand the power that food has in your internal and external lives

  • Learn about your relationship with food and body image in a way that offers you understanding and control

  • Learn ways to soothe without food

  • Decode your “story” with food and rewrite it

  • Develop a sense of self-worth regardless of your body size or weight

  • Gain control over food

  • Make a plan for eating and stick to it

  • Accept yourself

  • Get out of eating prison

Do you want to improve your Body Image?  Are you tired of looking in the mirror and hearing your “inner critic?”  Would you like some peace about your body, finally?

We offer a five-session therapy protocol, an evidence-based treatment program created at Mt. Sinai Hospital Eating and Weight Disorders Center, called Acceptance-Mirror Exposure Therapy (A-MET).  During these sessions you will learn:

  • how to think about and describe your body neutrally

  • how to tolerate your body “imperfections”

  • how to like and even love your body despite your “flaws”

  • how to quiet that negative voice in your head, your “inner critic”

  • how to find peace in a sea of negative body thoughts

If you are interested in the services we offer and would like to make an appointment, or if you would just like more information, please call or fill out the contact form below.