Four Ways to Improve Your Clarity of Mind

Achieving “clarity of mind” is the act of clearing your head of the clutter that comes with extraneous or uncontrolled thoughts or mental "noise". When you are operating from a place of clarity, it allows you to see things more clearly, be open to new ideas, and to thoughtfully organize your reactions and responses. Overall, creating a space for clarity of mind can help you achieve a more balanced and conscious life.

Here are four ways you can enhance your clarity of mind:

  1. Meditation: a practice of getting your mind to a place of "no", or minimal or managed thoughts. When you allow your mind to settle through all the noise and despite the noise, and to become aware of your stream of thoughts, you may find yourself looking at a situation with new clarity not restrained by your current reality.
  2. Solitude: being by yourself can naturally settle your mind to a more contemplative state. It allows time for self-reflection and deeper thinking. Environment, such as being out in nature, or taking a long car ride, can enhance the effects of solitude.
  3. Be clear: Always ask yourself, “What do I want right now?” Being clear on your end goal can help define the steps you need to get on the path and achieve your ultimate outcomes.
  4. Practice Radical Acceptance: radical acceptance is the art and practice of accepting something “as it is”.  There are situations in life that are not changeable in the moment. By allowing the situation and the accompanying feeling to remain just as they are, you free yourself to look at other possibilities that can broaden your perspective and open other paths to contentment. 

With some simple focused attention in the present moment, you can improve your clarity of mind and ultimately your inner peace and calm.