Getting Through the College Acceptance Process

Every year around this time, there are high school seniors all over the world anxiously waiting to hear back from colleges. Just like your child, they’re all anticipating that email or letter in the mail from their top choice school.

This process sometimes feels endless, stressful and tiring, but the most difficult parts are already over.

Your child has worked hard over the past three and a half years studying, doing homework, participating in extracurricular activities and finding time to hang out with friends. They have put so much time and energy into writing essays and studying for SATs or ACTs.

All of this effort is IN ADDITION to managing expectations of parents, school, friends and self.  

Now all that’s left to do is to sit back, relax, and wait! As your child's decisions roll in, whether they are acceptances, referrals, waitlists or rejections, it is important to stay positive!  
Here are some tips to help you through this crazy time…  
1. Remain Confident: You and your child have put plenty of effort in these past few years and colleges are now seeing all of that hard work! No matter the decision, no one can take away the milestones your child has achieved so far and the sense of accomplishment you should feel!  Perhaps the road was bumpy at times, and you have had to manage other people's seemingly easy successes around you, however this is normal. Everyone's path is a bit different, so remaining confident that your outcome will fit who your child is, and keeping faith throughout the process is imperative.
2. Find Silver Linings: Maybe the school from where your child got rejected would ultimately have been a poor match any way! Your next acceptance will likely have better opportunities, classes, meals and friendships waiting for you! Deciding that outcomes and results tend to work out for the best, despite how it seems in the moment, is a generally productive way to think. 
3. Remind Yourself: You Are Not Alone: Your child is not the first, nor will he or she be the last to go through this crazy, stressful and exciting time! Your child's friends and classmates are likely having similar experiences, so encourage him or her to talk with friends to find support! Teachers and guidance counselors have also helped many students go through this process. They are there to answer your questions and reassure students! Also, remember that whatever you and your family are feeling now is only temporary. Even the most awful pain eventually goes away.
This is an exciting time! This process begins the next phase of your child's life. Although it may seem stressful now, there are new opportunities, friends and big dreams ahead of you! Remain hopeful and have confidence in who your child is and what he or she has already accomplished. It’s hectic now, but there are so many more promising things to come in the future.  This is just the beginning of the next chapter for your family!