How To Practice Mindfulness With Your Kids

Do you ever wish there was an easy way to help your child feel “centered”? Do you practice many activities to “ground” yourself, but don’t know how to adapt them into kid-friendly activities? There are surprisingly many ways to make mindfulness easy and fun for children! Here are a few different ways you can practice mindfulness with your child:

1. 5 Senses:  Together, you can practice identifying at least 3 different sounds, smells, textures, tastes, and sights. “What are three different sounds you hear right now?” This exercise naturally encourages your child to become more aware of their surroundings and physical sensations. It’s great to work on when you’re at home or while on the go!

2. Let’s make Playdoh!:  Another fun mindfulness activity that’s child-friendly is “Mindful Playdoh”. You can create your own Playdoh with your child using DIY Playdoh instructions online. Then you’ll add different calming scents to it, such as peppermint, sesame, or lavender. Your kids will not only enjoy the Playdoh making process—they will also feel centered when smelling these calming aromas.

3. “Eye” Spy:  Give your child a few clues to find something nearby. “I spy something red, shiny, and small. What do you think it is?” This exercise will encourage your child to be in the moment with you. It will also increase his or her awareness of the environment. It’s great do try while at the park or out on a walk!

4. Take a Deep Breath:  Do you ever tell you child to just “take a deep breath” and he or she seems uninterested or doesn’t know what to do? You can make this breathing technique kid-friendly by describing it in fun and relatable ways. Your children can pretend to blow up a balloon, make a bumblebee noise as they breathe out, or pretend they are blowing bubbles. This helps children slow down and completely focus on their breathing.

5. Color Me Mindful:  It may sound simple, but sitting with your child and coloring can be a mindful activity too. There are many mindful coloring pages you can download online. The more detailed, the better! This activity can be very calming; it motivates kids to focus on what they are creating.

You no longer have to wonder, “how do I get my child to be ‘present’?” Now, both you and your children can practice mindfulness together! It will help the entire family feel more at ease—and it’s a great way to bond with your children too!