Is Your Thinking Causing Your Negative Results?

The definition of self-fulfilling prophecy = a prediction bound to become true as a result of behavior caused by its being expressed.  In a self-fulfilling prophecy, how you think determines your end result.

It is not uncommon for some people to get into the habit of predicting the worst outcome for themselves, having internal arguments such as, “Why should I bother sharing my ideas with my boss, she thinks I’m incompetent anyway.” Or “Jenny seems to like Julie better than me. I’m sure they are going to become best friends and leave me out.” Because the person has now put energy into the dreaded outcome, and he or she is spending time worrying about it and thinking about it, it might be inevitable that a few days, weeks or months down the road, the exact thing they predicted does, in fact, come true.

These people don’t necessarily have the ability to predict the future as if they were Psychic.  Rather, their behaviors are likely driving the outcome because, subconsciously, a person’s negative thinking can dictate how that person ultimately behaves.

A person who is fearful of speaking up allows others to talk over her, or holds back on ideas – leaving others wondering if she has what it takes to succeed at work. A person who is fearful of being left out by friends distances herself thinking they don’t want to be around her anymore. The behaviors are driven by emotions rather than fact.  It is clear how this can become a negative habit pattern, an endless cycle of negative thought which leads to negative predicted outcome.

Creating awareness of how thoughts dictate actions, and becoming mindful of how you are listening to your own self-defeating thoughts, can free you from this cycle of negative outcomes and self-fulfilling prophecy.

Encouragingly, this awareness also can take you down the path toward achieving positive outcomes. By not allowing negative thoughts to hold you hostage and by engaging in positive thinking, you can create your own POSITIVE self-fulfilling prophecy. You are the author of the next chapter in your life – write a fulfilling one!