Using Color Psychology in your Home to Help you Relax


What is color psychology? It is a powerful tool often used in marketing and branding. Essentially, it is the idea that different colors make you feel different ways. For example, yellow might make you feel energized and blue might help calm you down. In the same way that companies carefully decide what color their logos should be, you can choose and change the colors in your house with these simple tips.

The colors that are most commonly associated with calmness and relaxation are green, blue, and purple. However, their effects are slightly different. In addition to its calming effect, green promotes feelings of balance, security, and compassion. Blue boosts productivity, as well as feelings of harmony and clarity. Whereas purple is associated with creativity, logic, and power. Any of these 3 colors can help you feel more at ease.

That does not mean that you should suddenly paint every wall in your house purple. Instead, you can add pops of calming colors into your home. Some easy ways to do this are through accent pillows, posters, artwork, and other small decorations. That way, you don’t have to clear out a room and paint your walls or buy entirely new furniture to introduce a more peaceful color palette.

Here are some ideas for each room in your house: In the living room, you could find blue throw pillows for the couch, or a light green area rug.  In the dining room or kitchen, you could look into getting colored dishes or a tranquil-colored tablecloth.  The bathroom could get a new lilac shower curtain. You could even buy baby-blue bedding for your bedroom, so you go to sleep to soothing colors. Even a little more color in a space can make a difference.

As a do-it-yourself project, you could have your kids paint on canvases using only calming-color acrylics.  Then, you can hang them on practically any wall to showcase their work. It’s a great way to get them involved and give them an activity to do on a summer day!

Incorporating color into your house can be easily done, so that you can feel more relaxed all year round. There are so many different shades and hues of green, blue, and purple—you can’t go wrong! Use color psychology to swap out stress-inducing colors for more peaceful ones and feel better today!