What is Executive Functioning?

Have you ever heard of executive functioning? This term may be used at school or at therapy when talking about students’ basic skills. Executive functioning IS NOT literally about the functioning of an executive. Executive functioning IS about the function, or job of an executive.

Think about it: Each of us needs to be the CEO, the executive, or the person in charge of how we function. This is particularly important for kids and teens, who are learning and developing these skills as they mature. Students develop and improve their executive functioning skills in order to reach their personal maximum level of achievement. Essentially, they are the skills that we need in order to organize, prioritize, and complete tasks. Executive functioning skills are vital to a person’s success.

It may seem like a daunting task to help your child hone his or her executive functioning skills. You want to give your son or daughter the support needed for success, but you may not know how. At Mindsoother, we understand how to break down each of these skills into smaller parts. One of our team members can help your child develop his or her ability to:

  • Develop an organizational system and continue to use the system outside of therapy

  • Create a routine based on family dynamics and personal responsibilities

  • Develop a schedule using time allotment and prioritization

  • Adjust schedules based on unforeseen circumstances

  • Sit down and start a task

  • Stay with a task regardless of minor distractions, and stay involved in the task until completion

  • Plan for multi-task assignments

  • Take notes, study for tests, memorize material, understand how to apply material

  • Develop test taking skills

  • Advocate for themselves in a positive, productive manner

It is crucial that every child develops his or her executive functioning skills. These are skills that everyone will need for success at school, at work, and for managing life in general. Some students need extra support to refine their executive functioning skills. An academic success coach can work with you and your child, as a team, to help your child thrive. The goal is for every student to be productive, responsible and accomplished. If you are interested in improving your child’s executive functioning, the Mindsoother team can help your child achieve his or her academic goals in a positive, supportive and caring environment.