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10 Ways to Know if Therapy is Right for You

You may have been thinking about going to therapy or enlisting the help of a licensed professional for someone you love and care about.  So how do you know what is typical "moodiness" or difficulties in functioning and what is thinking and behavior might require more attention?  Here are some quick tips for determining if therapy is the right choice for you or someone you love...

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Anxiety in children: 3 Easy Tips That Can Help

Does your child tend to worry, over-think and/or show anxiety?  Here are some helpful tips to guide your child and help them address their anxiety...

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When to Share a Secret


Have you ever promised someone that you would keep a secret only to regret it later?  Perhaps your curiosity made you promise and you didn’t consider the potential consequences or the emotion bind you might end up in.  Keeping secrets can strengthen relationships but it can also cause the secret keeper a range of emotions from guilt, to worry, to shame.  Here are a few rules of thumb when deciding whether to keep a secret...

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Dos and Don'ts for Quality Family Time

These days, having interactive family time may feel impossible due to the demands of busy schedules, however studies show that even a little bit of quality time can having a meaningful impact.  It’s best for family time to be “light” and fun, and not a time for the more serious discussions. 

Here are a few suggestions for quality family time:....

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Sexual Orientation and Gender - What Do You Really Know?

Pansexuality, gender fluidity, non-binary gender identity…….Welcome to 2016! Non-conformity to gender and sexual orientation is a hallmark of this generation coming to age in which sexuality can be seen as fluid; always changing. This article offers a quick and important education.....

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