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for Helping Professionals

Online Course


If you feel:

✅ Burned out or exhausted

✅ Unpredictable emotions

✅ Compassion fatigue

✅ Physical symptoms

✅ Tense or scattered

✅ Like you dread work

✅ Apathetic or alone

✅ Ineffective or inadequate

✅ Unfulfilled

✅ Worried

✅ You always put yourself LAST

And you are worried that you:

😱  Won’t feel passion for work or relationships

😰  Won’t be able to break out of your rut

😳  Will have issues in relationships

😱  Will have to change careers

😰  Will end up alone

😳  Will feel physical symptoms always

😱  Will end up pushing people away

😰  Will struggle financially

😰  Will never be happy





Learn Mindfulness techniques that will help you immediately increase your sense of focus and calm

Learn strategies to help you reduce emotional explosions and/or feeling of burnout and resentment

Learn mindfulness techniques that will help you create a manageable routine so that you start and end each day feeling centered and in control

Mindfulness techniques that improve your self-esteem and create and keep healthy boundaries


Your relationships will be vibrant and strong and will fill you up instead of drain you

And that you will be FILLED with self-love, a positive attitude and an ABUNDANCE mindset.

This course is excellent for any helping professional who is READY to reduce burn-out and stress, improve well-being and self-care and make more mindful connections with family, friends and yourself!

Weekly webinars, exercises and practice focus on:

  1. Mindful Breathing (your breath is your friend!)
    Longer sits, "express sits," breathing for situational stress reduction, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or "Tapping." Breathing on-the-go.
  2. Mindfulness of your Thoughts
    Awareness of your thoughts PLUS detaching with love from unwanted or negative thoughts.
  3. Mindfulness of your Emotions
    Understanding what you feel, how you experience it, how your emotions play out in your life PLUS learning to LOVE your emotions
  4. Mindfulness of your Core Beliefs
    Who you are determines how well what you do works. Learning to understand your core beliefs and values and how they impact your thoughts, urges and behaviors. Increase awareness of how your "you" affects your "do."
  5. Mindfulness of your Body
    Where do you carry your stress in your body? How to preempt physical wear and tear by using a mindful approach. Learning to listen to your body's messages!
  6. Mindfulness for Stress Reduction (mindful self-soothing)
    Kicking stress to the curb with a mindful approach. Learning to self-soothe and practice mindfulness to prevent stress instead of simply responding to it! Learn to keep your stress bucket LOW.
  7. Mindfulness in Relationships
    Learning how to stay in tune with your family, friends, co-workers and clients/patients. Manage your emotional reactions and be MORE connected as the default.
  8. Mindful Eating
    NOURISH your body with food instead of using it to soothe, distract or avoid. Take the time to savor and enjoy what you eat. Mindful eating naturally diminishes the chance for weight gain and has been proven to be effective in managing physical symptoms associated with overeating or binge eating.
  9. Mindfulness of Your Story (mindfulness of your narrative)
    Learn how what you say to yourself and how you think about the world affects EVERY single thing you do and that happens to you. Use mindfulness to understand how your past has been affecting your present and learn to shift the dialogue!
  10. Compassion mindfulness (loving-kindness)
    Be more kind to yourself and other people as a rule.
  11. Mindfulness and meditation on the go (express mindfulness!)
    Taking mindfulness on the road. Learn to use quick mindfulness practices to get centered and calm in any situation.
  12. The way of the Mindful Helping Professional (taking a mindful approach to your work, all-in-mindfully with your clients and patients)
    Show up all-in mindfully at work each day despite the stressors and challenges. Explore the kind of practitioner you are and learn to find mindfulness in every workplace interaction.

Make the commitment to yourself today and move one step closer toward Realizing a Mindful Life!