On May 6, 2009, 19-year-old Melissa lost her life to an eating disorder. It was a five-year battle that wreaked havoc on Melissa’s self-esteem, her academic success, her friendships, and her family.

Someday Melissa; the story of an eating disorder, loss and hope is a documentary created and produced by Danna Markson, LCSW and Melissa’s mother, Judy Avrin along with Director, Jeff Cobelli. The film was inspired by Melissa’s journal writings and was designed to raise awareness of eating disorders as well as the potential for treatment and hope.

Eating disorders are serious illnesses with serious, potentially life-threatening complications. And so, for parents who have a child struggling with an eating disorder, or who just need an education about it, Someday Melissa helps you recognize the warning signs and the dangers, and inspires you to action. Or, for people who are struggling with eating disorders, the goal of the film is to help you break through denial or minimization, and encourage you to seek the proper help.

Danna Markson, LCSW and the team behind Someday Melissa on the Today Show in 2010:

Someday Melissa; the story of an eating disorder, loss and hope is now licensed by the National Eating Disorders Association. 

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