This group allows me to relate to others with similar issues and helps me learn how to better manage my feelings.
— High School Student

The balance of learning specific skills and discussing personal family situations with other families, as well as getting feedback from the therapist and other parents about skills/strategies to try in a given situation.
— Parent of a Middle Schooler

Thank you so much for your help with (our daughter). You are like a kid whisperer!
— Father of 14 year old female

The group taught me to be more self-aware and less self-conscious. I had a lot of fun while learning about myself and the other girls.
— 14 year old female recovering from Depression

Thank you for absolutely EVERYTHING. When I started recovery, I was lost, but you helped me find my way. I hope anyone who’s dealt with my issues has the chance to work with you.
— 15 year old female recovering from Anorexia and Self-Harming

I will remember you for always being inspiring and at peace. You taught me that it’s okay not to be okay and that I’m not the only person going through things.
— 16 year old female recovering from Trauma

Danna is a wonderful speaker and full of compassion and knowledge. She deserves to be Social Worker of the Year!
— Workshop Attendee

What I will remember most about you is your calm voice and meditation sessions.
— 16 year old female recovering from Depression

Thank you for making me feel welcomed and giving me advice on my problems.
— 16 year old male recovering from Self-Harming

Thank you for giving me the skills I need to actually deal with life and be calm when I need to be.
— 15 year old female recovering from Anxiety
When I am in WISE MIND, I tend to use a calm, logical frame of mind to achieve a healthy, emotionally-driven goal.
— 17 year old attendee of DBT Skills Group
The support from other parents going through similar troubles was invaluable—getting their input and take on situations was very helpful.
— Parent of a Middle Schooler

This group helped me not only to find myself and raise my self-confidence, but also to become more mindful of my thoughts, emotions and behaviors. It was also a ton of fun and definitely my favorite part of the week!
— 16 year old female recovering from Self-harm Behaviors

Just got back this afternoon – what an incredible vacation! We had the best time with the kids! A year ago I never would have believed you if you told me I was going to do half the things I did in the last 6 days. It was wonderful to be present and participating with my family. Thank you for helping me find a part of myself that I thought I had lost a long time ago. So grateful for the guidance you have given me.
— Adult female recovering from Anxiety Disorder

I will always remember the cool techniques and tricks you taught us to cope with.
— 16 year old female recovering from Purging and Self-Harm Behaviors

Two years ago, with your direction, support and encouragement – I made a commitment. Your influence and guidance has been the foundation of my recovery. There are no words to express the depth of my gratitude. And, 2 full years later, I am healthy, I am happy, I am whole. Thank you for walking this journey with me.
— Adult female recovering from Bulimia

Tessa has been extremely helpful with our daughter and our family. It’s been a wonderful process.
— Mother of 14 year old girl

As a health care professional for over 40 years and a Mom, I take care of others more than myself. It was awesome to have that time blocked off just for me. I found the mindfulness techniques that you offered were extremely relaxing and refreshing. I would definitely do another retreat if one were offered.
— Therapist and Mindfulness Retreat Attendee

I will remember you for helping me through depression.
— 17 year old attendee of our Self-Esteem group

I remember when I first came into this room and felt completely comfortable.
— 15 year old female recovering from Self-Harming

Thank you so much for your time and expertise on offering and leading/teaching us {mindfulness} on Friday morning. I loved the experience and will be incorporating much into both my personal and professional practices.
— Mindfulness Workshop Attendee

Thank you for making me a better, healthier person.
— 16 year old female recovering from Suicidal Thoughts
How open it is—people feel comfortable talking about their issues, and how considerate everyone is. Incredibly supportive.
— High School Student

Group was very helpful because it taught me a lot of valuable skills that are applicable to my everyday life. The therapist was wonderful and the atmosphere was warm and conducive to discussion. Overall, group has improved my life in many ways.
— High School Student

The therapist was great. She took the time to assure we understood the skills. And she allowed parents to vent and explained different ways to address situations.
— Parent of a Middle Schooler

I was cleaning my apartment and I came across my prayerstone that I made in one of your groups. How fitting that I should find it, considering we go over DBT in my theories class THIS Thursday. I’m not sure if I mentioned it but I’m almost done with my second semester at **%%*. I’m in their professional counseling program. Just wanted to say hello and I hope all is well. Thank you for the lessons you have taught me. I hope to see you again down the road.
— Adult female recovering from Eating Disorder and Depression

I’ve learned how to come out of my comfort zone and understand my problems.
— 19 year old male recovering from Anxiety

Danna is seasoned, sharp and talented, but also humble and open to feedback. Very professional and thorough.
— Workshop Attendee

Amazing presentation, best one I have attended at any conference years past. Very touching and the interactive exercise was so beneficial.
— Workshop Attendee

I definitely learned a lot! A year ago, I was so miserable and lonely. I really wanted a group that I could go to. A year later, I am so happy I found your group and I truly believe it helped me from being in a very bad place.
— 18 year old

I’ll remember you for giving me a warm welcome to the group and helping me pull myself out of a bad place.
— 15 year old female recovering from Depression