8 Reasons to Start Therapy – Even if you are Not Feeling Symptoms

Psychotherapy is notoriously helpful when you are experiencing a crisis of emotions, mood or behavior. Therapy helps you explore, identify and understand the underlying internal and external factors that contribute to the crisis, as well as help you adopt healthy coping strategies and mechanisms. This model is how therapy is traditionally known and valued.

Psychotherapy can also be effective from a wellness perspective – helping you keep your life on track and achieve your goals.

Here are 8 reasons to give therapy a go:

1. You are having trouble letting go of the past and moving on

2. There is a roadblock in your relationships that is preventing you from getting close, being honest, and/or taking your relationship to the next level

3. You have goals that you keep giving up on (work, fitness, eating, self-care, hobbies…)

4. You are fantastic at taking care of other people or things, but you tend to neglect your own emotional needs (therapy time itself gives you “me” time that you deserve)

5. You tend to be judgmental, easily annoyed and/or “moody”

6. You are stuck in your career and want to make a change or break through

7. You are bored and not sure how to create healthy excitement or ignite your healthy passions

8. You want to improve your love and acceptance of yourself and others

Some of the best work in therapy is achieved when there is no crisis or unhealthy behaviors to focus on, leaving an open space to explore underlying thoughts and feelings that might be holding you back from achieving the life you envisioned.