It’s That Time of Year Again….School!

As we head into the Fall, there is a lot of anxious excitement over the beginning of the school year. Whether you are going into middle school, high school, college, or you are a parent of a child entering school, this time of year can cause stress.

Stress reducing ideas to consider prior to the start of school:

  • Verbalize your worries. Ask yourself how you are feeling about the new year. What are you excited about? What parts are you nervous about? Talk to someone about these things. Many times we make things out to be larger than they are. Once we put those worries out into the universe they become smaller and more manageable.
  • Visit a new campus. For younger kids that might mean attending an orientation event that the school or PTA may officially organize. Explore different areas or play at the playground. For college students, some schools will organize a pre-school activity such as camping or a volunteering. This is a great way to get familiar with your school before it begins.
  • Organize your school supplies. Make a list of all the supplies you think you will need to start the year. Perhaps you create a system where one folder is for assignments that need to be completed and the other is for those that are ready to be handed in. Planning ahead reduces worry and increases preparation.
  • Communicate and discuss. Sit down as a family and talk to one another about what the expectations are for the year. Things to consider would include wake-up times, how everyone is getting to school, what courses and activities are “a must” and what activities are for. Allow each person ample time to express their thoughts and feelings.
  • Relax, enjoy and reflect. Enjoy time as a family, alone and with friends, before school and extra-curricular activities kick in. Plan something fun that you have wanted to do all summer. This is a great time to make sure you charge your batteries!

The following are the ingredients in a healthy start to school:

  • Regular and consistent sleep to recharge and refresh.
  • A balanced, healthy meal plan to nourish and create energy.
  • Physical activity to release nervous energy and build stamina.
  • Organization and cleanliness to prepare and plan ahead.
  • Friendship and family contact to balance work and fun.

Good luck and Enjoy!