Dos and Don'ts for Quality Family Time

These days, having interactive family time may feel impossible due to the demands of busy schedules, however studies show that even a little bit of quality time can having a meaningful impact.  It’s best for family time to be “light” and fun, and not a time for the more serious discussions. 

Here are a few suggestions for quality family time:

      Go for a walk on a nice day - or hike, bike or run together.

      Eat as many meals together as you can. It's not just about the meal - there is prep time together in the kitchen, preparing the table, etc. Encourage your child to talk about what is interesting to him or her.

      Go out for meals - rotate once a week who gets to pick the restaurant.

      Get active together- play sports, go to the gym or watch as your child shows you his/her skills.

      Play games - board and card games are always fun.  Have a family game night where each child gets to pick his/her game of choice.

      Volunteer at their extra-curricular activities - coach a sport, or volunteer to lead the girl/boy scout troupe.

      Read together, for younger kids, or start a parent/child book club with your older child.

      Watch television or play on-line games together. This is a great opportunity to enter your child’s world, as well as, create opportunities to talk to your child his/her favorite characters

      Expose your child to new cultures - take time to travel together, either on a day trip or longer

      Attend concerts, theater or go to a museum.   

Overall, your children will enjoy more time spent with you if it's fun and interactive.  Allow each person in the family to have a say in what activity you do.  Most importantly, have fun and be present!