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Connecting with Children, from a Therapist's Perspective

Parenting can be tough at times. Sometimes, your child just won’t listen to you. It may be frustrating when you are unsure of what to do to get things to resonate. As therapists, we can offer a different perspective—perhaps one that will benefit your relationship with your child. We have learned many lessons about how to connect with children and improve their behavior through our line of work. Here are some insights to consider…

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What's it like being a Therapist?

People who are currently in therapy, and even people who have heard about therapy before, know about the experience of therapy from the client’s point of view. In an initial appointment, you’re asked a variety of questions so that the therapist can get to know you. In the following sessions, you work with the therapist to establish goals, learn strategies, and make progress towards achieving them. But have you ever wondered what it’s like being a therapist? Or what your therapist thinks of his or her job? This week in our “Ask the Therapist” series, the therapists are opening up about what they think of their careers…

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Ask the Therapist: Talking about the Value of Therapy

The therapists at Mindsoother sat down for interviews to talk about the benefits of therapy, what their job is like, offer insider advice, and answer questions that you may have about therapy. This is the first of a multi-part series based on the interviews, giving you an inside look at what therapy is like for the client and for the therapist. The therapists started by answering questions about the value of therapy, including individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy. Read all about therapy from the experts themselves…

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